Pre Tour

The optional Pre Tour is often one of the most exciting aspects of the trip. The Contingent will spend 17 days (16 nights) travelling through Norway and Finland before we arrive in Iceland for the main event – the Moot itself. The Pre Tour is an incredible opportunity to experience the best that Scandinavia has to offer, and to get to know your fellow Australians. It’s an additional cost, but totally worth it for the complete World Moot experience. This trip will be run by Topdeck Tours and encompass the most exciting activities, breathtaking views and inspiring cultural experiences.

Due to popular demand for the Pre Tour we will now have FOUR Pre Tour buses! In order to accommodate so many people these buses need to be staggered with slightly different dates, itineraries and prices. You will be able to nominate your bus preferences through the online registration system on the 10th of October.

What the difference for each bus?

• Bus A – Will start two days earlier with 1 x extra day in Helsinki and 1 x extra day in Reykjavik

• Bus B – Will be as per the advertised itinerary

• Bus C – Will start two days later with 1 x less day in Helsinki and 1 x less day in Reykjavik

• Bus D – Will start four days later with no leisure time in  Helsinki or Reykjavik

What is the price difference?

• Bus A – Additional $250 to cover additional accommodation, food and activities
• Bus B – The price is unchanged
• Bus C – Discount of $250 due to reduced length
• Bus D – Discount of $500 due to reduced length

When do I need to arrive into Oslo?

You will need to make sure you arrive in Oslo before 5pm on the date your tour starts.
• Bus A – Arrive on Thursday 6th July 2017
• Bus B – Arrive on Saturday 8th July 2017
• Bus C – Arrive on Monday 10th July 2017
• Bus D – Arrive on Wednesday 12th July 2017
You can arrive earlier than these dates, but please note any additional accommodation or activities will be at your own cost and won’t be booked by the Contingent.

When do we fly from Helsinki to Reykjavik?

Everyone on Pre Tour will be flown from Helsinki to Reykjavik as part of their Pre Tour so you do not need to book this flight. The dates will be as follows:
• Bus A – Friday 21st July 2017
• Bus B – Saturday 22nd July 2017
• Bus C – Sunday 23rd July 2017
• Bus D – Monday 24th July 2017

Are you an IST on Pretour

I am part of the International Service Team (IST) and know I need to arrive earlier than Participants, which bus should I pick? You will be needed in Iceland on the afternoon of the 22nd of July, so you can choose either Bus A or B (depending on how long you would like in Reykjavik).

Day 1 & 2 (8 – 9 July): Oslo

The pre tour begins in Oslo, Norway. All participants on the Pre-Tour will need to meet in Oslo on the night of the 8th July (Time and location TBA). These first few days will be spent getting to know everyone else on the tour and exploring the quirky city of Oslo. Explore the world renowned sculpture gardens of Gustav Vigeland, and get the opportunity to visit a seafaring Viking museum.

Day 3 (10 July): Lillehammer

In 1994 the winter Olympics was held here. Unfortunately Australia finished in last place out of 22 counties with just one bronze medal, but it was a solid effort when you consider the amount of snow we get to practice in. Today you will be shown around the Olympic facilities and be given the opportunity to try out the bobsledding!

Day 4 (11 July): Andalsnes

Windy roads and mountainous beauty fill today’s itinerary. Cross the steep winding roads of Troll Pass – with hairpin bends and excessive elevation it is guaranteed to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention. Then explore the photogenic and very insta-friendly Geiranger Fjord – with crystal blue waters and flowing falls you will not be disappointed.

3 - Andalsnes

Day 5 (12 July): Andalsnes to Steinkjer

Visit the bustling city of Trondheim – rich in history of the world wars, religious icons and great shopping. Next the trip stops at the town of Hell (yep, Hell – and often it does freezes over)! Finish the night in Steinkjer.

4 - Andalsnes to Steinkjer

Day 6 (13 July): Steinkjen to Korgen

A picturesque costal drive finishing in the inland town of Korgen, whoch sits cradled by eye catching mountain ranges deep in lake country.

5 - Steinkjen to Korgen

Day 7 (14 July): Korgen to Tysfjord

Enter the Arctic Circle. Gawk your heart out at Svartisen, the country’s second largest glacier. Take a ferry ride and a small bushwalk for some fantastic photographic opportunities. Without spoiling too much we’ll just leave this photo here to give you a feel for what we’re talking about.

6 - Korgen to Tysfjord

Day 8 (15 July): Tysfjord to Skibotn

Rovers, some of the most fearless experienced outdoor adventurer’s right? Test your nervous system with a plunge into the icy water north of the Arctic Circle before thawing out in a traditional Scandinavian sauna. Lifelong bragging rights are awarded to those who take the plunge.

Day 9 (16 July): Skibotn to Olderfjord

Onwards and upwards, we’re heading north for the last time to witness the height of the midnight sun (seriously, the sun doesn’t set between May and June). This evening you’ll have the option to witness the towering cliffs of Nordkapp, Europe’s most accessible northern point, and go to bed counting reindeer and dreaming of fjords.

7 - Skibotn to Olderfjord

Day 10 (17 July): Olderfjord

Have a free day to explore Olderfjord. Maybe go for a hike into the mountains, maybe chill out around the pretty little town, it’s up to you!

8 - Olderfjord

Day 11 (18 July): Olderfjord to Rovaniemi, Finland

This day our journey will take us across the border to Finland where you will have the opportunity to experience the true magic of Christmas in July at Santa Land Village. The Grinches among us need not fear as there is also an optional trip to the Alvar Aalto Museum of modern architecture.9 - Olderfjord to Rovaniemi, Finland

Day 12 (19 July): Rovaniemi to Jyvaskyla

Spend most of a day in the ‘Athens of Finland’ and soak up the daily life and culture of the Finnish folk. Jyvaskyla is well known for its mind blowing architecture and has several well earned UNESCO world heritage sites.

Day 13 (20 July): Jyvaskyla to Helsinki

Go south to the funky Finnish capital, Helsinki. Get your bearings on a guided driving tour, gaining street cred with a pit stop at an underground church.

10 - Helsinki

Day 14 (21 July): Helsinki

Have a free day to explore Helsinki more closely. Tonight get scandi-lous (see what we did there?) and savour your last nordic meal.

Day 15 (22 July): Travel to Reykjavik, Iceland

The whole Pre Tour will travel to Reykjavik to settle in and do some sightseeing done before the Moot officially begins. Rover participants will stay in the city itself while IST will move onto the Moot site.

Day 16 & 17 (23 – 24 July): Reykjavik

Get to know your way around Reykjavik and get in a few cheeky sights while we wait for the rest of the Contingent to arrive on the 24th of July. In the evening of the 24th we will head out for a full Australian Contingent dinner before the Moot opening ceremony the following day.

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