International Service Team (IST)

Moot Only IST: You will need to be in Reykjavik city by 5 pm on 22nd of July . Your departure flight will need to leave after breakfast on the 4th of August.

The International Service Team (IST) has a critical role in the running of all World Jamborees and World Moots. From logistics to administration, communications to sites and services, the IST are vital for the Moot to be a success.

Joining the IST

Anyone born on before August 1st, 1991 can attend the Moot as an IST member. A full list of the requirements is available on our eligibility page. It is encouraged for applicants to be 26-30 years of age, but there is no limit to the age range for IST.


IST members have slightly different dates to other participants. All IST must arrange to be in Reykjavík on the evening of July 22nd 2017 so you can be transferred to the Moot Site for induction and training before the Moot begins. After the Moot you will be required to help pack down the site for an extra day before being returned to Reykjavík to depart on August 4th 2017. It is a requirement of the Moot Organising Committee that all IST are available between these dates, so please don’t try booking anything extra during this time!

Just like participants, IST are able to join the optional Australian Contingent Pre and Post Tours. If you do, the Contingent will arrange for you to be transported to/from the Moot site on the right dates.


All applications for IST from Australia need to go through the Australian Contingent Registration System. Registrations will open on August 1st, 2016 for both IST and participants. Be sure to get your money and forms in ASAP as IST numbers are limited.


All IST members will be allocated a job/role for the duration of the Moot. As part of the registration process you will be able to submit preferences for which area you would like to give service in (eg program, catering, logistics, etc.). The Moot Organising Team will take these preferences into account but you may ultimately be required to serve in other fields if needed. IST members will be expected to give (up to) 8 hours of service per day, but this will depend on your role.

Program & International Patrol

Outside of your service hours, IST members will be offered to join in a program specially designed for you. This is still being developed, but will include a range of activities where you can have fun and enjoy yourself during your off-hours. It is also planned for all IST members to have one day off, to do what you wish with.

New to the World Scout Moot 2017 will be International Patrols for the IST. In the past only participants were divided into patrols, however for the first time IST can choose to be placed in a patrol with members from different counties. International Patrols are designed for IST to camp and serve together in whatever role they are allocated. IST members can also choose to camp with friends, but still serve in International Patrols. This arrangement is completely optional – those who don’t chose to be a part of an International Patrol will still camp and provide service with other IST members from different countries. More information will be available on the Moot website soon.

All IST will be camped in a specific IST Sub-Camp, which will be separate from the participant campsite. Professional catering staff will provide you with with three meals a day at the IST Sub-Camp.


Have any more questions that you didn’t have answered here? The World Scout Moot Website has an official IST FAQ you can read here. If you still can’t find the answer, please email