Getting There & Home

Moot Only Participants: You will need to be in Reykjavik city by 5 pm on 24th of July. Your departure flight will need to leave after breakfast on the 3rd of August.

Moot Only IST: You will need to be in Reykjavik city by 5 pm on 22nd of July . Your departure flight will need to leave after breakfast on the 4th of August.

International Flights

In order to provide the World Moot experience at the lowest possible cost, your Contingent fee doesn’t include the international flight to/from Australia. Instead, you will need to book your own flights to meet us at the designated time and place for the Pre Tour or the Moot itself. Booking your own flights means you can create the perfect travel itinerary for you (including any independent travel outside the Contingent) and you can take advantage of any special deals you might find.
The easiest way to get from Australia to Iceland is to fly into a European city that is serviced by an airline that will fly into Iceland, and then connect onto one of those flights with the same airline. Make sure you have enough time to transfer to your new flight (always allow a couple of hours in case there are delays). You can even use this as an opportunity to stay overnight and explore the  city that your stopover is in. Alternatively you can book your flights on two different airlines. This can be cheaper but if the first flight arrives late and you miss your transfer you may need to pay  for a new flight. Also, make sure you double-check your baggage allowance on the different airlines because fees at the airport for extra baggage can be costly!

Who flies to Iceland:

  • Icelandair /WOW air* /Air Berlin/Atlantic Airways/Wizz Air*/British Airways/Delta Airlines/Easyjet*/Edelwiess Air/Eurowings*/Lufthansa Niki*/Norwegian Air/SAS/Transavia*/Vueling Airlines*/Austrian Airlines

*It’s important to know that with Low Cost Carriers you may see great prices advertised but this usually won’t include any baggage, food, entertainment or booking fees. Make sure you know what you’re getting with your ticket to avoid extra charges at the airport!

When to book:

Airlines release their seats about 10-11 months in advance, so if want to return to Australia in August 2017 you’ll be able to get pricing in a few weeks!
Keep an eye out for Travel Expos in your local city because this is a great time to grab a deal with airlines that aren’t normally available to general public.
Specials to look out for:
• Early Payment Discounts
• Combinable discounts with accommodation
• Student Prices / Youth Discounts
• Layby options
• Price Drop Protection
• Cancellation Protection
The World Moot does have a special promotion code for you to use if you’re booking with WOW air. When booking a return flight on the WOW air website you are entitled to a 5% discount using the Promo Code “WORLDSCOUTMOOT2017” as long as your travel dates are within 15th July 2017 and 10th August 2017 and you book before 31st December 2016!

I’m confused, can someone help me?

The Australian Contingent’s preferred Travel Agent is Liz Melville, so whether you want help booking your flights and other travel arrangements, want to buddy up to fly with someone else from your city or just want the confidence of booking with someone who has been plenty International Scouting events herself – get in contact with Liz at


Other Transport

Once you have joined the Contingent at the designated time and place, all other travel will be organised by the Contingent and/or the Moot Committee. This will include getting to/from the Moot site, any offsite activities, etc.

Pre and Post Tour Travel

If you are attending the optional pre or post tours, you will still need to book your own flights to/from Australia, or use Flight Centre to book these flights for you. Once you have joined the Contingent however, we will look after all of your travel. This includes the flight from the Pre Tour to Iceland for the start of the Moot, and/or the flight from Iceland at the end of the Moot to the Post Tour.

Arrival Dates

Below you can see a breakdown of when you should plan to arrive, depending on when you start your Moot Journey

Getting home from Iceland

The Closing Ceremony will be held on the 2nd of August. Afterwards we will spend one final night celebrating with all of the people you’ve met on the trip!
Your accommodation for the night of the 2nd of August and breakfast on the morning of the 3rd of August is included in your Contingent fee.

You will also be transported back to Reykjavik. After breakfast on the 3rd of August you will need to make your own travel arrangements to your next destination. If you have to catch a flight you will need to make your own way from Reykjavik to the airport, just like when you arrived. This does not apply to people coming on the Post Tour.
All IST are required to stay at the site to help pack up. You will be transported to Reykjavik on the morning of the 4th of August and from there you will need to make your own arrangements to your next destination.

Other Info


To travel internationally you will need a current and valid passport as per your recognised nationality – for most of us that will be an Australian Passport. If you already have a passport make sure you check when it is due to expire.

As per the rules of the Australian Government, all Australian Passport holders must hold a minimum of six month validity from your return date. Returning to Australia in August 2017? That means your Passport must be valid until at least February 2018.

If you do not currently have a passport, or it expires before February 2018, you need to make arrangements now to apply for or to renew your passport.

You can pickup a passport application form at your local Australia Post outlet or find more information online at:

Passports can take up to 6 months to arrange, so we would  recommend you start this process NOW.

Once you have your passport details, please ensure they are updated in the online registration system.

I am a dual citizen, which Passport do I use?

You will need to use your Australian Passport to depart Australia and arrive back into Australia, so please make sure this is the Passport listed in our online registration system.
Once you are out of Australia you are free to use whichever Passport you like.


For all the countries included on Pre Tour (Norway and Finland), Moot (Iceland) and Post Tour (Switzerland), Australian Passport holders do not need a visa if you are staying for no more than 90 days. If you are unsure if you need a visa, it’s best to check Australian Government Smartraveller website.