Payment Schedule

The below payment schedule applies to all members of the Contingent.

Date Moot Only Moot + 1 Tour Moot + Both Tours
On application $500 $750 $1000
1st October $500 $750 $1500
1st December $500 $750 $1500
1st February $500 $750 $1500
1st April All remaining fees All remaining fees All remaining fees

Please make sure you keep up to date with your payments – if you don’t you risk losing your spot in the Contingent. Mark the payment dates in your calendar now so you won’t forget!

You are welcome to make smaller, more frequent payments if you’d like, just select an ‘Additional Payment’ in the Registration system and enter the amount you would like to pay. If you are doing this please make sure you have paid the required amount by the dates listed above.

How to make a payment

You will continue to pay the same way you did when you made your deposit with your initial application.
1) Log into the online registration system –
2) Click Status on the side tab
3) Click “Make a Payment”
4) Choose which payment you would like to make. e.g First Payment of $500 and click the button under “Pay this item” to choose the amount. Alternatively you can type in an amount under “Other Amount”
5) Enter either Visa or Master-card details
6) Click Process Transaction
7) You will see a Receipt Number and Date Received next to your payment amount (if successful)
8) (Optional but advised) Download a receipt from the status page.

Go to If you need more info.

Withdrawal Policy

The following withdrawal policy will apply should you need to withdraw your application once being accepted into the Contingent.

Dates Refund Given
From application to 31st October Full refund given
1st November to 31st December Full refund less $1000
1st January to 31st March Full refund less $2000
1st April onwards No refund unless covered by travel insurance policy (ie unforseen medical condition preventing travel).